Though essentially an artiste at heart, Vinaayak possesses a head with business acumen too. The influence of his sun sign Virgo – basically makes him hard-working and a perfectionist. Virgo ruled by her swift planet Mercury and number 5 which symbolizes wealth, have definitely influenced Vinaayak’s life… His birth even brought luck to his family, which became the proud possessor of a huge plot of prime land on the banks of Hussain Sagar lake in the heart of Hyderabad & Secunderabad – in November 1965 – two months after his birth. Even as a one-year old Vinaayak shared ownership of the joint property to become one of the few youngest income tax  assesses in Hyderabad, way back in the year 1967.

Having meritoriously qualified to be a Post Graduate in Business Management from the world renowned Sri Sathya Sai University at Prasanthi Nilayam, Vinaayak began his career in Marketing & Advertising and started his venture ‘V.R. Associates’ in the year 1990 at the age of 25. Later having founded the Abhyasa Residential Public School, near Secunderabad in 1995, with an initial capital outlay of 80 lakhs from family funds, Vinaayak became one of Hyderabad’s perhaps youngest Educational Entrepreneurs at a young age of thirty !

Today he personally manages the finances of Abhyasa, but yet the Art in his Heart somehow has the better of him, than the ambition in his head. Abhyasa is thus a not-for-profit Institution; and it is one of few institutions which provides International Quality education at an affordable price. In recognition of this service the ‘Lions Club International’ of Hyderabad District honored Vinaayak with “Millennium Excellence Award” in April 2000.
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